893 Buena Vista St and Duarte Rd S
895 Buena Vista St and Kellwil Way S
1762 Huntington Dr and Bradbourne Ave W
1773 Huntington Dr and Crestfield Dr W
1780 Huntington Dr and Highland Ave W
1786 Huntington Dr and Las Lomas Rd W
1794 Huntington Dr and Mount Olive Dr W
1806 Huntington Dr and Pops Rd E
2792 Huntington Dr and Cotter Ave
3110 Duarte Rd and Hope Dr W
3625 Mountain Vista Plaza
3626 Buena Vista St and Huntington Dr N
3627 Royal Oaks Dr and Buena Vista St
3628 Royal Oaks Dr and Cotter Ave
3629 Royal Oaks Dr and Highland Ave
3630 Royal Oaks Dr and Bradbourne Ave
3631 Royal Oaks Dr and Mount Olive Dr
3632 Vineyard Ave and Royal Oaks Dr
3633 Vineyard Ave and Conata St
3634 Vineyard Ave and Sunnydale Dr
3635 Las Lomas Rd and Markwood St
3636 Las Lomas Rd and Gardi St
3637 Royal Oaks Dr and Las Lomas Rd
3638 Royal Oaks Dr and Greenbank Ave
3641 Brookridge Rd and Opal Canyon Rd
3644 Encanto Pkwy and Encanto Park
3645 Encanto Pkwy and Hacienda Dr
3646 Encanto Pkwy and Avila Gardens Residence
3647 Huntington Dr and Pops Rd
3648 Buena Vista St and Royal Oaks Dr
3649 Buena Vista St and Huntington Dr S
3650 Buena Vista St and Maynard Dr
3651 Bloomdale St and Buena Vista St
3652 Brycedale Ave and Huntington Dr
3653 Huntington Dr and Duarte City Hall
3655 Highland Ave and Huntington Dr S
3656 Highland Ave and Fasana Rd S
3658 Galen St and Delford Ave
3659 Galen St and Newington St
3660 Beckville St and Mountain Ave W
3661 Mountain Ave and Newington St
3662 Mountain Ave and Hurstview St N
3663 Mountain Ave and Evergreen St N
3664 Mountain Ave and Huntington Dr