1159 Duarte Rd and Buena Vista St E
1161 Duarte Rd and Hope Dr E
1761 Huntington Dr and Elmhurst Ave E
1764 Huntington Dr and Brycedale Ave E
1767 Huntington Dr and Buena Vista St E
1768 Huntington Dr and Buena Vista St W
1772 Huntington Dr and Crestfield Dr E
1777 Huntington Dr and Highland Ave E
1785 Huntington Dr and Las Lomas Rd E
1793 Huntington Dr and Mount Olive Dr E
1806 Huntington Dr and Pops Rd E
3110 Duarte Rd and Hope Dr W
3625 Mountain Vista Plaza
3653 Huntington Dr and Duarte City Hall
3654 Best Buy Roadway
3655 Highland Ave and Huntington Dr S
3656 Highland Ave and Business Center Pkwy S
3657 Mountain Ave and Evergreen St
3665 Mountain Ave and Hurstview St S
3666 Mountain Ave and Euclid Ave
3667 Beckville St and Mountain Ave E
3668 Hurlock Ave and Broach Ave
3669 Kellwil Way and Delford Ave
3670 Kellwil Way and Buena Vista St
3671 Business Center Dr and Highland Ave
3672 Duncannon Ave and Evergreen Ave
3673 Buena Vista St and Bloomdale St
3674 Royal Oaks Dr and Encanto Pkwy
3675 Royal Oaks Dr and Mountaincrest Rd
3678 Brookridge Rd and Opal Canyon Rd
3679 Deerlane Dr and Melcanyon Rd
3681 Royal Oaks Dr and Greenbank Ave
3682 Royal Oaks Dr and Park View Ct
3683 Royal Oaks Dr and Mount Olive Dr
3684 Highland Ave and 1st St